Computer Repairs and Support


You'll be surprised by the level of expertise and knowledge PC Housekeeper possess. We value all our clients and do our best to maintain our reputation with our qualified and friendly technicians speaking plain English to explain technical solutions in non technical language. Most problems can be solved onsite within the first hour. In addition, we offer competitive rates, no hidden charges and no afterhours or weekend surcharges. We are happy to assist you with any basic questions you may have and can also provide onsite training and tuition when required.

Virus Removal


If you have technical difficulties with your desktop PC, Laptop or your Tablet, we are here to help.


Desktop and Laptop Repairs

Tablet Repairs

iPad Repairs

(PC and Apple Mac)

Screen Replacements

Memory upgrades


DVD Drive Replacements

Hard Drive Replacements

Replacement Laptop Keyboard 

Data Recovery


Did you know that most viruses in the modern IT world infect your computer by tricking users? Many virus writers use more sociological methods rather than technical. For example, how many times did you click on some "OK" button without reading the actual message? Did you think in the first place why did this message appear? Do you always read through each screen when installing new applications from the internet?


We will remove your viruses and help protect you against future viruses.


There are various types of malware nowadays:


Viruses *  Trojans  *  Adware  *  Spyware  *  PUPs


Each of the above types of malware requires a different approach in tracing and removal. Reputable antivirus software will minimise the risks of infection. Experienced & educated computer users will reduce such risks to almost zero. We are also happy to provide quality training to teach you what to look for when using computers, the internet or emails.


Can't connect to internet? Want to share files and printers?


We are here to help with:


Networking - Wi-Fi/LAN
Router  installation

Firewall set up
Wi-Fi routers configured and secured
Network printer instalation

File sharing accross your home network/computers 

We will show you how to secure your network and how to use the router firewall.

Anything Computer Related Is Our Job

Software Troubleshooting
Backup and Recovery
PC Tune-up
Computer Upgrades
Remote Support
Broadband and Wireless Setup
Data Recovery
Internet Protection
Mobile Internet
Computer Repairs
Microsoft Software Help
Data Backup
Internet Problems


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