About us

PC Housekeeper was created over 14 years ago by Jacquie Smith, who saw the company as one of the emergency services "You have your

Plumber and Electrician so why not a PC Housekeeper ". The ethos of the company was and still is 'The housekeeper for all your technological

needs'. Jacquie states that"we will all try to solve our own problems from time to time, but there comes a point when you need a professional".


PC Housekeeper will not bombard you with technical jargon; we talk to you in layman's terms and never leave you baffled.

Why Choose PC Housekeeper

We love what we do. Like with a personal housekeeper, your confidentiality and privacy is paramount. PC Housekeeper will never discuss or disclose any information relating to you and your computer. We believe in providing our clients with financially viable solutions when they require technical assistance with computers.

Further Enquires

Please get in touch with PC Housekeeper by calling us on the telephone on the contact us page. Alternatively you can send us an email by completing and submitting the form found on the contact page of this website.   We look forward to speaking with you in the near future.